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ISO 22000


Food Safety Management System

What is ISO 22000?

ISO 22000 is a standard for Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS) and provides the requirements for any organization in the food chain. That includes organizations that are either directly involved or indirectly involved with the food chain operations, for example, feed producers, animal food producers, producers of food ingredients, processors of food items, food manufacturers or retailers, food service providers, catering services, food logistics, food storage, equipment suppliers for the food industry, packaging suppliers for the food industry, and producers of animal foods and other food contact materials. ISO 22000 is designed to ensure safe food supply chains worldwide and is intended to be compatible with the ISO 9001 and HACCP as well as to extend its reach for greater diligence.

The ISO 22000:2018 was published in 19th June 2018 in order to replace ISO 22000:2005. A 3-year transition period is given to organisations already certified to ISO 22000:2015 that is by 19th June 2021. Organizations can still get certified to ISO 22000:2005 within that transition period, however, KGS Certification has set the deadline for transition of existing ISO 22000:2005 clients to ISO 22000:2018 by 19th March 2021. New certification to ISO 22000:2005 by KGS Certification will be concluded by January 2021 upon which only applications to ISO 22000:2018 will be accepted. This initiative is to promote a faster and smooth transition of all organization certified to or wanting to gain certification to Food Safety Management System to be certified to ISO 22000:2018 before the deadline.”

  • Benefits of ISO 22000
  • Current version of the ISO 22000

Benefits of ISO 22000

  • Statutory and regulatory compliance
  • Improved performance, which in turn will lead to enhanced customer experience
  • Marked reduction in Food Safety Incidents, and related costs, along with lower risk of liability
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Continual improvement in processes, products and services
  • Sustainable Food Safety performance
  • Enhanced reputation
  • Competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • Resource optimisation both internally and externally (down the food chain)
  • Platform for management and process control (and improvement)

Current version of the ISO 22000

The current version of the Food Safety Management System Is the ISO 22000:2018 which was published on 19th June 2018. The ISO 22000 consist of ten sections being streamlined with the ISO 9001:2015. The first three sections represent an introduction to the standard and its scope, normative references and the terms and definitions, while the other seven sections contain the requirements for the Food Safety Management System. The remaining seven sections are as follows:

  • Section 4: Context of the organization
  • Section 5: Leadership
  • Section 6: Planning
  • Section 7: Support
  • Section 8: Operation
  • Section 9: Performance Evaluation
  • Section 10: Improvement