No hidden costs

No overtime charges. No penalty for changing schedules (with reasonable notice). No mark up on auditor's travel expenses

Double Tax Claim

Our clients in Malaysia are entitled for double tax deductions (Standards Malaysia Programme only)

Competitive Price

We offer a competitive price for a professional service. Unlike many other certification bodies, there are no annual management fee and no hidden costs.

Integrated Approach

We advise on the most cost effective route to certification, including integrated audits wherever possible.

Sensitive & Responsive

We are Sensitive and responsive to the needs of businesses of all sizes – small, medium or large

Demonstrated Competence

We have experienced staffs across all business sectors to cater for your needs, risk reduction with added value assessment. Our experienced auditors with specialist knowledge will be selected to suit you and your business.


We are responsive and committed to help you in achieving certification on-time and without bureaucracy. Work alongside your in-house QA staff or independent consultant and will actively listen and respond to your comments or feedbacks. Worldwide competent representatives of KGS to manage the various types of inspections including PSI.

Availability of Certification Services

KGS is renowned for excellence in certification services, where all the Management System Certification services are available under one roof. We have partners that operates in over 50 countries worldwide.

Key Benefits

Services That we offer


  • Step 1: Application
  • Step 2: Quotation
  • Step 3: Auditor Appointment
  • Step 4: Initial Audit
  • Step 5: Certification
Step 1 : Application

Complete the application form, including the details of your processes & services.

Step 2: Quotation

We will provide an outline proposal & all-inclusive 3 years quotation to your company.

Step 3: Auditor Appointment

Upon acceptance of quotation, we will appoint an auditor that best suits for your industry/business.

Step 4: Initial Audit

The initial 1 &2-stage audit includes onsite assessment followed by ‘close-out’ of any corrective action.

Step 5: Certification

Review of the audit reports & issuance of the certificate. The certificate will be
valid for 3 years subject to surveillance audit carried out to ensure continual compliance of your system.

Certification Flow

1. Initial Audits

2. Surveillance Audits

3. Recertification Audits